Try This On And Everything Will Change

Try This On And Everything Will Change

More and more it seems like having one particular quality can make the biggest difference in how we experience our lives. 

What quality do you think of when I say that?

It's not bravery or generosity or honesty, in my opinion, interesting and important as those may be. For me, the most powerful trait to cultivate is curiosity!


Because curiosity can lead us to discover so much more than our limited initial understanding. We can see and hear and appreciate so much more.

It truly opens up worlds.

Approaching life from a place of curiosity can help us more easily develop other beautiful and helpful qualities, too, such as empathy, patience and perspective. Soon nothing seems so black and white.

It's harder to judge when you're truly curious. At least it makes you pause! And in the end you start to realize it's all a big game anyway, so you might as well experiment. :)

In fact, you might take curiosity so far as to start “living by design”! 

This means to make a practice of:

• Trying out new stuff, even if you’re the first

• Improvising and experimenting

• Building your way forward and revising as you go

• Reframing how you see things, as needed

• Asking lots of questions

• Co-creating with others

Why do I love this so much?

• You start from where you are (your past and your age don’t matter)

• There’s no such thing as a perfect plan and you're always making new “prototypes”

• It’s human-centred at its core, and best done with others

• You don’t sit around and figure things out—you take action (the next step)

• You’ll know you’ve reached a new level when you see it (or feel it)

• It’s about growth and change. It’s never-ending, and that’s a good thing

So... doesn’t this design-and-experiment approach feel a lot better wondering if you’re failing or passing life’s “tests” all the time?!? 

I’m not making light of the many difficult and unfair situations that you may face, simply suggesting a change in orientation towards that which you *can* control. Curiosity for the win!