Get further, faster

Is your team not getting the results you'd like? Not communicating well? Not accepting feedback? Are your high fliers leaving? Are you wasting energy and time with team conflicts, passivity or interruptions?

You have a lot on your plate and you need to have tools and methods for change that are practical and effective and easy.

I can help you overcome these frustrations, build and maintain better teams that are consistently productive and happy, and retain your best peopleAll while creating more leverage and momentum.


Group Coaching:

For co-founders, the executive suite, division or team leaders, or same-level management peers. Build and implement changes while enjoying mutual support, and my guidance and accountability, towards defined objectives.

Special topics programs will be run periodically and be announced on social media.

    Interactive Workshops:

    • Create new habits that (finally) stick
    • Get your team talking and working well together
    • For better outcomes, stop the sabotage
    • Get clarity on your important, competing priorities

    30-day Habits Challenge:

    Gain momentum towards a goal (and learn the skill of creating sustainable habits) through a new habits challenge, with gamified elements and a friendly competition. For divisions, teams or the whole company.

    Why work with Virginia?

    Read a short interview with a client who talks about her coaching experience.